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Budderfly helps QSR burger brand franchisees get energy-efficient equipment upgrades.

Get new LED lights, HVAC, refrigeration controls, and more to reduce your energy use with no up-front cost.

QSR burger locations can preserve capital with brand new equipment at no cost

Budderfly is the premier sustainability partner for businesses with repeatable footprints, providing a one-stop-shop for energy management and equipment upgrades. We deliver significant savings at no upfront cost and energy reliability over the long term. 

Join the global race to net zero 

 Many QSR burger brands are joining the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, committing to put their locations on the path to net zero emissions by 2050. Budderfly can impact your contribution towards this effort by providing energy-efficient upgrades and helping you to reduce carbon footprint.

Powerful work, powerful results

Budderfly is helping burger brands to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. With Budderfly as their trusted partner, owners can take confident steps towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We provide energy-efficient HVAC systems, LED lights, and refrigeration controls, not only helping locations save money on their energy bills, but also freeing up valuable time for owners to focus on enhancing the customer experience. Plus, owners also get access to the Budderfly customer portal, which offers a centralized place for owners to view all their locations’ energy performance, receive real-time alerts for easy issue management, and access billing information.
After partnering with Budderfly.
Our energy-efficient equipment and technology enhances the overall experience of your restaurant. Tap the arrow to see this QSR burger brand's lobby before partnering with Budderfly.
Before working with Budderfly.

The benefits of working with Budderfly 

Why Budderfly? We’re helping you save money and energy. It’s easy because we handle everything. Our holistic approach creates a better impact on your company and sustainability for the environment.

Ready to create a greener, more comfortable environment for guests and employees?

Budderfly installs, monitors, and manages a combination of equipment upgrades, patented technologies, and proprietary energy software. McDonald’s locations benefit with lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint, and more reliable operations. 

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